The fees for our 3 hour sessions on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (am or pm) and Friday are £14 (then £14.50 from September 2018, and £15.00 from January 2019). A whole day session on a Thursday is £28.00 (and £28.50 in September 2018 and £30 in January 2019). Fees are reviewed annually in July and whilst we aim to not make further changes, they are potentially subject to amendment.  Fees are payable half-termly in advance.  Invoices are distributed within the first two weeks of every new term, and if fees are not received by the date stated on the invoice an additional £15 may be added.

Funding is also available from the Government scheme for 2 year olds subject to certain strict criteria being met (please see below).

For full details please see our prospectus.